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Services & Case Studies

Client Perception and Satisfaction Analysis

Developing, conducting, and analyzing the results of surveys to assess clients' perception of their firms relative to others in the marketplace and their satisfaction with project performance

Compensation Planning

Designing, developing and installing base compensation, profit allocation, and performance appraisal systems that make sense in the marketplace, reflect firms' cultures, and provide appropriate financial rewards to the performers

Financial Analysis and Management

Evaluating financial performance and developing management information systems to monitor and report on operations and condition

Leadership Development

Developing and conducting in-house workshops to help firms proactively improve the leadership skills of key personnel

Marketing Organization and Planning
  • Assessing and designing marketing organizations and personnel

  • Facilitating the development of marketing plans

  • Assessing marketing performance

Merger and Acquisition
  • Evaluating offers

  • Establishing criteria

  • Identifying and contacting prospective targets

  • Facilitating discussions and negotiations

  • Preparing memoranda of understanding

  • Advising on final arrangements

Ownership Transition
  • Establishing a firm's value

  • Designing buy-sell mechanisms

  • Preparing invitation letters

  • Reviewing with clients' attorneys and accountants

  • Presenting to candidates


Designing and facilitating meetings and workshops, including personality identification and team-building, if appropriate

Personnel Search
  • Developing position descriptions

  • Preparing newspaper and Web site ads

  • Contacting sources and candidates

  • Candidate screening

  • Assisting negotiations

  • Checking references

Selling Skills Training

Developing and conducting in-house workshops to help firms proactively improve the selling skills of key personnel

Strategic Planning

Defining and facilitating the preparation of new or updating existing mission statements, strategic visions and action plans


Determining the value of a firm for various purposes, including internal ownership transition, external acquisition, employee stock ownership plans, and, on rare occasions, divorce proceedings

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